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Medical QiGong

“If you want to be healthy and live to 100, do QiGong.” - Dr. Mehmet Oz

Medical QiGong is a powerful bio-energetic modality, which utilizes the body’s innate intelligence to heal, naturally, safely, and effectively.

Medical QiGong addresses the underlying causes of imbalances and disease directly using:

  • Dynamic Movements
  • Powerful Visualizations
  • Targeted Breathing Patterns

As with any treatment you want the best qualified doctor to provide your care. Dr. Mara Frank LAc. is a Doctor of Medical QiGong as well as a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, and Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr. Mara is a professional, accessible and welcoming presence and she is thrilled to be able to share this powerful modality with you right here in Atlanta.

Medical QiGong treatment corrects bio-energetic imbalances and blockages in your system. This enables the body to strengthen and regulate the internal organs and the nervous system. This in turn strengthens the immune system, relieves pain, and regulate hormones. The ultimate goal of the QiGong doctor in any session is to provide you with the tools you need to bring your body into balance on higher and higher levels.

We very happy to be able to share this exclusive modality with you at the same great location and level of quality that you expect from your Inspire Health Team.

Please see the FAQs below for more detailed information on Medical QiGong therapy.

How do I pronounce QiGong?

Qi is pronounced chee

Gong is pronounced gung (as in lung)

What can I expect in my Medical QiGong treatment?

During the treatment you and the doctor work together to balance your body/mind/spirit. You will have a conversation with the doctor about your current health concerns or goals. Then you will lay on a comfortable massage table while the doctor uses Qiemission to purge, tonify, or regulate your energetic system. This aspect of Medical QiGong is typically called “table work”, “Qi emission” or “external QiGong.”

What are Medical QiGong empowered self-care exercises?

After the table work portion of treatment you are taught an empowered self-care QiGong prescription. Tailored specifically to you, empowered self-care QiGong uses physical movement, breathing methods and mental intention to correct and restore optimal function in the body. This allows you to take charge of your own health and vitality at a new level of depth and awareness. QiGong prescriptions restructure the body from the micro to the macro levels. You will be asked to do your empowered self-care QiGon set from 1-5x daily depending on the severity and duration of the condition being addressed.

Why is this Qigong "Medical"? How is it same/different than other styles?

Medical QiGong treatments and prescriptions are based on your diagnosis and a specific health concern. This targets, on a cellular level, the cause of the imbalance in your system. The term Medical is used to differentiate this type of qigong from lineage or family styles of qigong, or any other qigong with a more general and non-medical application. Medical QiGong is shown to provide symptom relief and results for many major medical conditions.

Medical QiGong grew out of a beautiful collaboration in Modern China. Using the techniques of traditional qigong styles, researchers and doctors at major Chinese universities in Beijing and Hangzhou scientifically studied countless QiGong postures, movements, and breath patterns to originate repeatable beneficial outcomes for certain patient populations. What grew out of this mega-study and research was a body of work which had categorized QiGong exercises in relation to which specific illness they treat. This is very different than qigong for general wellbeing, or learning a qigong form.

Who can benefit from Medical QiGong?

Because Medical QiGong includes both dynamic and gentle techniques that can be practiced from standing, seated, or supine postures, it is suitable for everyone. Practices are tailored to individual needs making it an ideal aid to recovery from illness or injury.

Medical QiGong is especially well suited for highly sensitive people, and those who want to experience acupuncture but are concerned about needles. Medical QiGong involves working directly with a person's energy and is more gentle than acupuncture, acupressure, or herbology.

What does the medical scientific literature say about QiGong?

QiGong has been shown to improve hormone balance, blood chemistry, and quality of life in many patient populations. But you don’t have to take our word for it, check out a few of these great scientific studies on the benefits of Qigong:

How is Medical QiGong the same or different from acupuncture?

Medical QiGong and acupuncture are both branches of Chinese Medicine. They both use the same underlying diagnostic system and relational view of the body.

Where they differ is in treatment:

Acupuncture Treatment

Uses the insertion of single-use sterile filiform acupuncture needle (non-hollow) needles into energetic pools in your body to effect change in your internal organs, and meridians.

Medical QiGong

External QiGong treatment

  • A bio-energetic therapy based on Qi-emission
  • There are no needles involved
  • The client is asked to participate through breathing patterns
  • The client is asked to direct their mind to a certain body part or sensation
  • The doctor leads the client in specific healing visualizations

Medical QiGong prescription exercises are given after the table work and are tailored specifically to each client. Empowered self-care QiGong uses physical movement, breathing methods and mental intention to correct and restore optimal function in the body.

How is someone qualified to become a Doctor of Medical QiGong?

To become a doctor of Medical QiGong a licensed acupuncturist completes an additional 3 years of advanced education. He or she must always be in active training to increase her/his sensitivity, subtle perceptions, and Qi emission abilities. Having learned the underlying principles of the complex weave of energy flows in the human body, Medical QiGong doctors are uniquely qualified to teach empowered self-care QiGong prescription exercises which take each individual’s needs into account.

What are QiGong Group classes?

QiGong group classes are an opportunity to practice in a comfortable and supportive group environment. We invite you to participate in our QiGong classes, for more information visit our class page.

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